Major Fun Declares Double Double Dominoes “Major Fun”

Major Fun Award!It’s very cool to see that Double Double Dominoes has been given the “Major Fun Award” by Major Fun!

It’s even better to see them enjoy the dual layers we designed into the game–one for kids, and one for adults, trying to make sure that both could have fun at the same time:

Your beyond school-age folk will find it a sweet filler-type game – nothing to get too serious about, but interesting enough to keep your attention all the way to the end. Your kid-like people will have just as much fun. Racing around a track will keep them focused, raking in bonus points will keep them smug, while you can concentrate your superior powers on the hunt for the highest possible score in a single play.

“Excellent Excellent”: Wired and Geek Dad on Double Double Dominoes

Another great review of Double Double Dominoes, this time over on WIRED’s Geek Dad blog, giving it not just a rating of “excellent”, but “excellent excellent”! (Joyful typo or uncontrollable ebullience, I like it either way.)

It’s really great to see the game getting out on game tables, and seeing people key into the simplicity of the game and the twists that double dominoes and the scoring track provide to give it some extra fun!

Father Geek reviews Double Double Dominoes

Father Geek has posted a great review of my board game Double Double Dominoes, giving the game four out of five stars. The review is a great breakdown of the skills a board game can teach kids while they have fun…along with a great demonstration of the way kids will add their own fun to pretty much any game, like the awesome and not-to-be-missed domino goggles!