Family Games: The 100 Best

Family Games: The 100 BestOne of my favorite books a couple years ago was Green Ronin’s Hobby Games: The 100 Best, a fantastic collection of essays by a great collection of game designers about their favorite games.

So I was honored to be asked to contribute an essay to the followup book: Family Games: The 100 Best, where I get to be part of what is once again a Who’s Who lineup of designers talking about some terrific games.

My pick: the fantastic Reiner Knizia game Lost Cities. As the book nears store shelves, Green Ronin has released the lineup of authors and the games they’re writing about on the page where you can order a copy. I can’t wait until I get my copy so I can do what I did with Hobby Games (and what Jeff Grubb is already doing with the Family Games list)–use the book as a checklist of games I have to play. If their inclusion in the book doesn’t convince you, the essay almost surely will.

CRUSADERS: The Book of Night (Part 6)

Night in the shadows, in the newest installment of CRUSADERS: