Seth Johnson Bystander Tokens for HeroClix

When I was lead designer for the HeroClix line at WizKids, I went to a lot of conventions and tournaments to watch players play, and to talk to them about the game. It was a blast, and I loved talking to players everywhere from San Diego to Philadelphia.

For fun, and to encourage players to seek me out so we could talk, I decided to make up some special HeroClix bystander tokens to hand out. But as a WizKids employee, making tokens of any licensed character like Batman or Spider-Man involved fees and approvals–and I was typically working on a budget of pizza money and a time frame of “That Kinko’s downtown is open 24 hours a day; I can get there before I have to go to the airport, right?” So instead, swallowing my humility and sticking my tongue firmly in my cheek, I made tokens of myself.

The Seth Johnson bystander tokens looked like true bystander tokens, although they weren’t die cut. I handed out the first token I made (B001) for two years. Then, when I ran out of those, I made three more (B002-B004.)

Sometime last year, I gave away the last one. I’m probably never going to print up any more, so they’ll have to join the SKETCH! Character Generator as collectible artifacts of my career. (Not that I expect them to be burning up eBay anytime soon–my mom already has one of each.)

But as the tokens are still mentioned and discussed by HeroClix fans once in a while, I thought I’d put them up here on my webspace so anyone who wanted some could print their own. (Note to fans: Let me know what your local judge says if you try and field them using WizKids’ new “print n’ play” policy!)

Click here or on the image above for the bigger file, and then take me to your battlefield! It’s too bad that I didn’t get a chance to work on the line a bit longer, so I could do a Seth token with a special power or two. But I guess there’s nothing stopping me from posting one here…