CRUSADERS: The Book of Night (Part 7)

In the newest installment of CRUSADERS, Night goes to a party!

CRUSADERS: The Book of Night (Part 6)

Night in the shadows, in the newest installment of CRUSADERS:

CRUSADERS: The Book of Night (Part 3)

A new page is up in my ongoing heroic fantasy tale CRUSADERS is posted, with more fantastic art by my partner-in-crime Andrew Trabbold.

Go check it out, and subscribe to the Crusaders RSS feed!

CRUSADERS: The Book of Night (Part 2)

Andrew Trabbold and I have posted the second part of our Crusaders saga! Click on the thumbnail to check it out.

Crusaders: The Book of Night

The first installment of a new project I’m writing is up!

My pal Andrew Trabbold and I have moved through the game industry at the same pace, but on parallel tracks. We met while shopping at the same comic shop, about the same time I started freelance writing for the game industry and he started selling illustrations to some of the same companies. A few years later Andy did some illustrations for SKETCH!, but we’ve never really had a chance to collaborate–until now.

Together we’re working on a new online project called Crusaders, mixing my writing and his art as we explore a world and tell its stories together. It’s influenced by the comics and superheroes we both love…but it’s an attempt to approach it from a new angle.

The first story we’re telling is “The Book of Night”, and the first installment is up. Check it out!