15 Games in 15 Minutes

A post instigated by Jeff Grubb, who said:

This meme has been bouncing around the net, and I thought I would give it a shot. Originally it was for computer games, but it’s jumping the species membrane and gone viral.

The rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen games you’ve played that will always stick with you. List the first 15 you can recall in no more than 15 minutes.

Okay, here goes:

1) Deus Ex
2) AD&D
3) DC Heroes RPG
4) Talisman
5) Grand Theft Auto 3
6) Burnout: Paradise
7) Star Wars RPG
8) Cyborg
9) Axis & Allies
10) Guitar Hero
11) SSX Tricky
12) HeroClix
13) Civilization
14) City of Heroes
15) Carcassonne

Runners-up for the list: Unreal Tournament, the MAD Magazine board game, Wizardry, Creature Venture, Illuminati, Castle Falkenstein, 221B Baker Street, and A Mind Forever Voyaging.

I’d love to hear your lists.

CRUSADERS: The Book of Night (Part 7)

In the newest installment of CRUSADERS, Night goes to a party!

CRUSADERS: The Book of Night (Part 5)

A change of scene and a change of pace for the next installment in CRUSADERS:

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CRUSADERS: The Book of Night (Part 4)

The first big fight scene in my ongoing heroic fantasy tale CRUSADERS is up, featuring amazing double-wide art by my partner-in-crime Andrew Trabbold.

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Aldrin Games Unlimited

In this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, the great Chris Elliot appeared playing Mickey Aldrin, estranged father of Alyson Hannigan’s Lily.

Mickey Aldrin has been crushed by his dream–“to design the next great American board game”. For more than twenty years he’s slaved away, building prototype after prototype, most with surprisingly polished components:

But the joke goes further than just the games named in the dialogue. It looks like the props department joined the fun and decorated Mickey Aldrin’s homes with an ever-growing number of prototypes. A bit of freeze-framing helped me put together this (most likely partial) list of games he designed for his one-man design house, Aldrin Games Unlimited:


And inspired by the events of the episode, “Slap Bet”, which apparently includes cards like these:

Not since Double Cranko on M*A*S*H have I wanted to play a TV board game quite so much. Well, okay, maybe not “Slap Bet”. But “Sleepy Tombstone Maze” sounds kind of fun…

You’ll should be able to watch “Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap” on the CBS HIMYM website sometime this week (they’re a little less reliable than Hulu) to see the rest of the episode, and the commercial for “Slap Bet”. Because currently the only version I can find on the web right now is this shakycam screen recording. Seriously, CBS–answer Hulu’s calls.

My Story of Batman

Lots of exciting game design and writing going on…all of which is locked up behind NDAs. One day I’ll work on a project with completely open development…

In the meantime, it isn’t a new episode of Crusaders (also delayed by exciting news that can’t be spoken of), but it is a new comic–one written by me when I was 5 years old. (5 and 1/2!, as I might have added at the time, judging by the note on the cover.)

Art and story by me, lettering by my dad. The comic:

My Story of Batman

“It was the Batphone. They went to their secret room. They went and got it.” Sounds like someone had been reading the Super Dictionary a bit too much…

Welcome to the Funlab

Welcome to the Funlab!

Some of you may not know who I am: Some of you are Internet nomads who somehow stumbled across an empty WordPress blog and have been waiting for it to go live; you puzzle me, but I respect your cunning, patience, and determination. A couple of you are far-future technoarcheologists, learning about our time by decoding slight variations in the cosmic background radiation; for you, a note: if you have access to a time machine, I will buy you dinner if you’ll tell me about your work, because it sounds awesome. Finally, a very few of you are domestic animals who have never truly understood humanity, but are going to give it a try by reading a randomly-selected blog, starting with the earliest post you find in its archives; to you I say who’s a good boy? you’re a good boy, yes you are!


My name is Seth Johnson. I’m a writer and game designer living just outside Seattle, Washington. I’ve written all kinds of things and designed all kinds of games; you can read about them up at the root of this website at www.inkslinger.org. My current day job is at Smith & Tinker, where I’m one of a team of designers working on a project that should go public Any Day Now.

My first blog was Ober Dicta, where I occasionally wrote entries, but more often ended up linkblogging. These days, my urge to share the cool things I run across while travelling the web and drinking from a firehose-like collection of RSS feeds is fulfilled by the Funfeed over on the right edge of this page, just beneath my Xbox Gamertag (currently hinting at the amazing amount of time I spent playing A Kingdom for Keflings while sick a couple weeks back, a fun game I might write about soon.) You can read the Funfeed in full-article form at the Google Reader Shared Items page that Google Reader nicely auto-generates for me. It even generates a Funfeed RSS feed that you can subscribe to.

The Funfeed reflects the wider scope of my interests and curiosities. The Funlab itself, though, will focus on the topics of my vocation and avocations–writing and game design, reading and playing games, being creative and having fun. Of course, looked at in that last and most general sense, the Funlab may turn out to be a bigger place than I planned.

Let’s find out.