Look around and you can check out my curriculum vitae, read a few samples of my fiction and non-fiction writing, see examples of my game design and copywriting work, and check out some of my editing experience. You can also visit the moldering bones of my first blog in the archives of Ober Dicta or visit the excitement of my current online notebook, the Funlab.

Enjoy, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics, Lord of the Rings Epic HeroClix, and DC HeroClix: Batman for WizKids Games

Operation: Eradication, the Polio-Fighting Mega-Game for The Next 50 (Seattle Center/Hare Brained Schemes/Gates Foundation/Center for Disease Control)

Double Double Dominoes for Calliope Games

DC Adventures: Heroes and Villains Volume 1 and Volume 2 for Green Ronin Publishing (co-author).

Nanovor: Prank Week for Running Press.

Nanovor for Smith & Tinker.

Family Games: The 100 Best for Green Ronin Publishing (co-author).

Dragonlance: Legends of the Twins for Sovereign Press (co-author).

DREAMHOST. Art adapted from the 1968 Arcadia House edition of ALIEN FROM THE STARS
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